When most people think of property, they imagine something tangible.  But intellectual property gives legal rights in intangible form. The three primary types of intellectual property are copyrights, trademarks, and patents. Each of these three types of law protect very different types of work, and it’s worth learning the differences between them before determining whether you might qualify for protection.

Below are some of the many companies that we have worked with in their licensing needs.

Entertainment Companies:

  • Disney (Music publishing)
  • Gallohad Prod’s (Motion Pictures)
  • EMI Music (Master Tape Library Acquisition) (USA & UK)
  • Disney Records (Mastertape Acquisition)
  • ABC (Music licensing)
  • NBC (Music licensing)
  • Eddie Young Illustrations (Animation and character licensing)

Partnerships, Contracts, Agreements, Copyrights, Media:

  • Cexton Records (Artist Recording contracts, Copyrights, Media/Advertising Agreements)
  • ICOM Entertainment (Partership) (Miami & Latin America)
  • Mindwalk Media (Corporate Agreements/Strategic Partnerships) (Miami & Latin America)
  • Time Is Records (Copyrights)
  • Signafy (Copyrights, Media/Advertising Agreements & Clearances)
  • Disney Entertainment (Copyrights, Media/Advertising Agreements & Clearances)

Union & Association – Relations & Agreements:

  • MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America)
  • AF of M (National Musician’s Union)
  • SAG (Screen Actor’s Guild)
  • AFTRA (Association of TV, Radio)
  • BMI

Law Firms:

  • Over 100 NY and LA Law Firms – list on request