John Anello Jr. is a seasoned Business and Legal Affairs Professional with 22 years of Business and Legal experience and a Juris Doctor law degree with emphasis on Intellectual Property for Media. He is experienced in Trademark Prosecution,, Copyrights, and Licensing.

Having founded and developed Cexton Records and Productions in 1984, he created an international record label and content development company.

He managed all sales and distribution of product to large retail companies, such as Wherehouse, Virgin Megastore, Sam Goody, Tower Records, and many more. He developed music and video content which won several awards and hit many national record and video charts.

As Cexton Record and Productions matured under the leadership of John Anello Jr, the company added consulting and advisement services to other companies, and John began to consult with such companies as Disney and Sony. He developed the business plans, administrated all business-legal affairs, and served as producer for Disney’s Theme Park Records and Productions, a “theme park brand” for the Disney Company. In 1996 John received a Telly Award for video production.

From 1998 to 2000, John went on to become the VP of Licensing, Business Development, Sales and Marketing, and Business-Legal Affairs Advisor for NEC’s Signafy Inc, an intellectual property/entertainment technology company. He developed and oversaw the national and international roll-out of product and services. This technology later became an industry standard for DVD resulting in a huge annual multi-million dollar royalty for NEC. He has been instrumental in helping to launch many new companies, and also has consulted for many private clients and companies.

Most recently, John has served as a Consultant/In-house Legal Affairs Director for a large California-based corporation, handling all in-house legal matters, intellectual property management, HR, and staffing, and for a major New York City Firm, handling all National business development, marketing, and staffing. He also recently launched a new high-definition internet radio broadcast network in New York City called the “City World Radio Network“.  He also founded and owns “Italian American Radio“.

John Anello Jr. has an excellent industry reputation, and many industry contacts. He has received several awards for his work, and is also a feature writer for several industry magazines, published author, editor, musician, media producer, and frequent guest speaker.

John Anello Jr.
Juris Doctor / I.P.- Media
Business Development, Sales, and Marketing for the Legal Industry

John Anello Jr.
Intellectual Property Law
Trademark/Copyright/Patent Research/Licensing/Contracts