John Anello Jr is an experienced Trademark Specialist, Business-Legal Affairs, and Licensing Professional with 21 years of business experience and a Juris Doctor with emphasis in Intellectual Property for Media.

Experienced in Trademark, Copyright, and Intellectual Property, business and legal affairs, business & product development, strategic development,  producing, and business/legal issues relating to successful marketing, sales, and licensing.


Search, filing, prosecution and trademark office action response, TTAB.


Protect your content with a copyright.

Intellectual Property Licensing

Licensing of intellectual property rights.

John works bi-coastally in NYC, Hollywood, Nationally and Internationally in the Entertainment, Media, Technology and Intellectual Property field.

John is also active in the Legal/Trademark/IP field, and has managed several trademark/IP portfolios, IP Development, and Trademark Prosecution.

John also does Intellectual Property licensing.